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Our key indicators for future success are aggressively measured and monitored:

Strong Team

Product - Market Fit

Exit opportunities

Clear path to scale

Large addressable market size

Strong unit economics

Cash flow sustainability


With socio-economic impact being an important factor in our investment decision, we have created a proprietary Impact Scoring Model, which incorporates our impact objectives along with relevant SDGs, and helps us score our companies on the impact they create.



IGRC an external committee, which oversees the actions of the Investment Committee and ensures
1. ESG Compliance and Sanity Checks for portfolio companies
2. Impact parameter approval and monitoring of our portfolio companies


Suhas is the Founder and Managing Partner of Legasis Partners.
In a career spanning over three decades Suhas initially acted as the General Counsel for major corporations before turning into a full time professional. A rare blend of “In House” and full time professional practice has been instrumental in Suhas becoming a specialist in several fields including Corporate Law, Intellectual Property and Technology law, Joint Ventures, M & A, Energy/Power, Venture Capital Funding, Equity Investments, FDI in different sectors, Litigation and Dispute Resolution. He is acknowledged for having pioneered areas such as developing Regulatory Practice and Privatization of Infrastructure Super Sectors. Suhas extensively works for MNCs, Celebrities in Sports and Media, Funds and other Investors

Jaya is a general corporate lawyer with more than two decades of experience.  She has advised foreign and domestic clients across various sectors including real estate, infrastructure, financial services, media, healthcare and mining with respect to domestic and cross border investments, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, other partnering arrangements, restructurings and exits.